El Rey del Mundo Kon Tiki 1973 Edición Regional Los Andes 2017

The vitola chosen by El Rey del Mundo for this regional edition is 109. This module, more commonly known as Double Robusto, is very complex to produce. Only a handful of master Torcedors are allowed to roll this format. The 109 was recently used by La Gloria Cubana for its Swiss regional edition, the Orgullosos.

The production of the Kon Tiki 1973 is limited to 1,200 cabinets only of 50 units each. This is the second time for a regional edition where cigars are displayed in that way, the first one was the Sancho Panza Eslavo Regional Edition Serbia 2014, also in a 109 format. The cigars are arranged on 4 levels (13-13-13-11). This presentation appeared for the first time in the 1960s before disappearing in 1973. The Kon Tiki "1973" is a reference to this splendid cabinet.

Format: Nro. 109 (Double Robusto)

Size: 7¼" x 50 RG

Strength: Mild Medium

Enjoyment Time: 120 mins

Limited Edition: 1,200 Boxes Worldwide

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