Davidoff Escurio Lighter



The unique Escurio Jetflame lighter in a black matte finish is the central piece of the line. Developed in close collaboration with the best lighter manufacturer, this Jetflame is designed to meet the needs of the most adventurous cigar aficionados. Its torch flame provides a powerful blue flame which allows cigars to be lit quickly and in the proper manner. This kind of flame provides better control of the lighting process. Thanks to its ergonomic design it is easy to handle, and the large trigger on the side of the lighter makes it comfortable to use. The built-in safety system ensures that the flame cannot be activated while upside down. The gas window allows the gas level to be checked at any time. Lightweight, ergonomic and wind resistant, aficionados can count on the Davidoff Escurio Jetflame to accompany them during their vibrant night outs.

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