Davidoff Escurio Mix Bundle



The Davidoff Escurio intrigues when spice meets sweet as chilli pepper plays with softer, creamy notes. Flavours of oak, liquorice, salt and leather explode and overwhelm the palate. A real journey of twists and turns, where there is never a dull moment for the palate.

This bundle includes:

1 x Davidoff "Escurio" Corona Gorda (6" x 46)

1 x Davidoff "Escurio" Gran Toro (5.5" x 58)

1 x Davidoff "Escurio" Gran Perfecto (5" x 61/50)

1 x Davidoff "Escurio" Robusto (4.5" x 54)

1 x Davidoff "Escurio" Petit Robusto (3.3” x 50)

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