Davidoff Sycamore Maple Humidor Primos

Designed by Davidoff, their humidors are distinct from all other options. Their unique humidification system provides a constant relative humidity of approximately 70% and is capable of automatically correcting humidity fluctuations.

The system releases humidity only when the relative humidity sinks below the ideal value. If the value rises due to outside influences, the regulator automatically absorbs the excess humidity.

Capacity: 25 - 35 Cigars

Weight: 2.5 (kg)

Dimensions: 279 x 240 x 108 (mm)

Finish: Sycamore maple 

Inside Materials: Gabon wood (okoumé)

Fittings: Palladium

Includes: 1 x Davidoff slim self-regulating humidifier 

Made in France

2-Years Warranty

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