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Ageing cigars Guide for beginner | All you need to know

We all know the excitement of opening up a new box of cigars and the pulse to give them a try. However, we would suggest you sit tight and age them with patience. Read on for the reasons and home ageing guides!

Does ageing cigar make it better?

Usually, cigars are aged by their manufacturer before they are released to the retail markets. However, not all of them have been aged sufficiently. Dry mouthfeel and bitter flavour are usually discovered in a freshly-rolled cigar.

With the ageing process, the nicotine inside a fresh cigar will be mellow down and eventually fade away. Allow you to experience the main characteristics of the cigar without the harnesses of the herbaceous flavour.

Which cigars do we need to age? Which to enjoy now?

If you discover the mentioned characteristics in your first stick from the new box, age the remaining box for a short period (about 3 months to half a year) to help balance out the nicotine contained. 

Some cigars won’t be able to improve with time. The maturing ability depends on the quality of the tobacco leaves. Some would grow and mature with time; for example, the Davidoff Cubans are well-known for their ability to age well, like wine.

How to age your cigars?

The house you choose for the precious sticks is the key to the ageing process. For beginners, we suggest a cedar-lined humidor with an average humidity of 68% and an average temperature of 21°C. Remember to change the position of your cigars once in a while, this help to allow the sticks to breathe and balance the humidity level. Also, check on the sticks every month to observe if there are cracks (too dry), mould (too wet) or bugs (too wet and hot).

Do you age your cigar in cellophane or tubo? 

Up to you to leave it on or off! But better to separate the stock of cigars from different regions or sticks infused with flavours if you have taken off the cellophane. They might affect the flavours of other cigars, as cigars will absorb flavours like sponges.

How long before I could enjoy my aged cigars?

There’s no exact formula for the time you should age your cigar. After all, cigar enjoyment is a subjective lifestyle that varies for different people. Some enjoy the flavour bought from the fresh cigars, some prefer their sticks aged. 

Start by enjoying one stick after receiving your parcel, and mark down your feelings and the aroma on your cigar journal. Come back after half-year to test how the cigar has developed, and repeat the process until you are satisfied. Usually, cigars with larger RG and full-bodied require a longer ageing process. 

Ageing a cigar is appreciating the time taken to complete this true beauty. Not only time but the extra effort is invested in perfecting the experience. Or save all those procedures and discover the nextCIGAR vintage vault. Our vintage vault includes Habanos and Davidoff Cubans, ageing up to 13 years. Carefully handled and aged by our expert teams, serving you vintage and venerable cigars to your doorstep.

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