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FREE ZINO Cutter upon any purchase of Zino series

Free 2 Davidoff Premium Cigars for Selected Cuban

Which Cigar Lighter Should I Buy?

Cigar lighting

Lighting up a cigar with the wrong kind of flame is a very common rookie mistake. Although there are many different types of ways to light up your cigar, we will be discussing how to pick out the right cigar lighter for you. 

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use a typical cigarette lighter to light up your cigars. The reason is because different types of flames are produced with certain chemicals like sulphur or gasoline. The reason why cigar aficionados do not use chemical inducing lighters is because those chemicals gets soaked into the tobacco which inevitably ends up altering the cigar's taste. Which is why buying a butane or torch lighter would be most ideal. Both odourless and non-chemical inducing.  

The great thing about butane lighters is that they are considered wind resistant. Worrying about wind blowing off your smoke would then become less of a concern. But more importantly, when you are lighting up your cigar at a 45-degree angle, the flame would stand straight instead of "willowing" or leaning over and burning your precious little fingers. Having multiple flames on your butane cigar lighter tends to be stronger and is less prone to "willow" over. However, that is not the only advantage having an extra flame brings.

Knowing what kind of cigars that you smoke is an important factor into picking out the right cigar lighter. If you smoke cigars with a bigger ring gauge, you might want to use a torch lighter with multiple flames, as opposed to one. The reason being that cigars with a big ring gauge tends to take longer to light up, so having a torch lighter with two or more flames would get the job done a lot quicker. 

Lighters unfortunately do not carry an unlimited supply of fuel. In the case of worrying about whether you will run out of fuel or not, a cigar lighter that shows you how much fuel is left in the tank might be something you would be looking for in your lighter. 

However, note that if you do not need a cigar lighter with multiple flames, do not feel the absolute need to buy them as they are pricier. The more the flames do not necessarily mean the better it is.

Do you forget your cutter every time you go out? Well as long as you do not forget your lighter, purchasing as lighter with a cutter or other accessories might be the lighter you might be looking for. There are lighters that come with accessories like a punch cutter, v-cutter, or even a pair of scissors.

Lighters come in various shapes and sizes, different people may prefer a certain size or shape of a lighter more than others because of how it feels in their hands. But more importantly, the grip on switching the flame on is important as well. If you run into a lighter with a poor switch, you might have to consider looking at a different model. 

Finally, if you've narrowed down your search down to this point, looking at the kind of aesthetic and design you want in your cigar lighter and decide from there. 


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